An internally threaded socket anchor for use with bolts or threaded rod of any length. Lipped drop-in anchors can be accurately set independent of the hole depth and can be used in non-cracked concrete. The lip allows the anchor to sit flush against the surface, preventing the anchor from being inserted too far. Full expansion can be guaranteed by using the correct shouldered setting punch.

Finish: Zinc and Yellow Plated (ZYP)
Material: Steel
Fast and Secure Installation
Deformation-controlled Expansion
Reaction to Fire Class A1
Zinc Plated and Yellow Passivated Minimum 5┬Ám
Permanent Socket Allows For Removal And Replacement of The Fixture

Product Information

Concrete C20/25 to C50/60
Dry Internal Conditions
Non-Cracked Concrete

  • A Permanent Set Socket to Allow Fixture to be Removed
  • Lipped Version Allows the Anchor to only be Set Flush Avoiding Over Drilling
  • Scaffold Ring Bolts
  • Suspending Services with Threaded Rods and Bolts

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Range Data

Part Number
Drill Hole Diameter (d0) mm
Depth of Drill Hole (h0) mm
Overall Embedment Depth (hnom=hef) mm
Anchor Length (LH) mm
Thread Diameter (dnom) mm
Internal Threaded Length (Lth) mm
Fixture Clearance Hole (df) mm
Minimum Member Thickness (hmin) mm
Setting Punch
Tightening Torque (Tinst) Nm
DBM06SH 8 25 25 25 6 10 7 100 DZSP06 4
DBM08SH 10 30 30 30 8 14 9 100 DZSP08 9
DBM10SH 12 30 30 30 10 15 12 100 DZSP10 17
DBM10SHL 12 40 40 40 10 15 12 130 DZSP10 17
DBM12SH 15 50 50 50 12 20 14 140 DZSP12 30
DBM16SH 20 65 65 65 16 22 18 160 DZSP16 75

Installation Instructions

Drill correct diameter hole to corresponding depth.

Clean hole by blowing to remove drilling debris and dust.

Insert anchor through concrete using suitable hammer.

Hammer wedge home using correct setting punch.

Tighten with torque wrench to recommended torque.


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