B1 rated expanding foam is a one-part, self-expanding, ready-to-use polyurethane construction foam designed for sealing joints in walls and service openings to prevent the passage of smoke and fire. For improved fire resistance use in conjunction with JFIRESIL.

European Technical Assessment
High Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Value
Good Volume Expansion for Effective Filling
B1 Foam is Supplied in Aerosol and Gun Grade Cans


ETA accreditation
FR accreditation

Product Information

  • Where a Fire Rated Product is Required
  • Installation of Window and Door Frames,
  • Filling of Cavities
  • Sealing of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Boards
  • Sealing and Connection of Joints

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Range Data

Part Number
Volume ml
JF750B1H 750 Grade B1 Hand Held Expanding Foam + 1 Nozzle
JF750B1G 750 Grade B1 Gun Applied Expanding Foam

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