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Pond and Water Garden Project Portfolio
Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls

A sampling of pond and water garden projects completed by J.C. Pryor. Click on photograph for a larger view.

before landscaping after landscaping koi
Before - Mix and match perrennial flower bed.

After - Natural flowing stream with 8 foot circle patio.

Very low maintenance.

Skimmer, 4,500 G.P.H. pump, biological filter, landscape lighting with submersible lights.

Japanese Koi and
Butterfly Koi


pond with poor filtration system Stream with waterfalls before a stream was installed
Before - Pond with a poor filtration system. The home owner wanted a stream flowing into the pond. After - Installed 50-foot stream with cascading waterfalls, 10,000 G.P.H. new bio filter, two 5,000 G.P.H. pumps, skimmer. Before - A small area the home owner wasn't sure what to do with.
after stream was installed During the Pond Building Process 6,000 gallon pond
After - 16-foot stream with bio filter, 1,200 G.P.H. pump, lighting and stepping stones. During pond building process.

Finished 33 x 14 foot, 6,000 gallon pond equipped with large skimmer, 5,000 G.P.H. pump, 800 watt aqua marine U.V. light with wiper, large bio filter and landscape lighting.

The area around the pond was landscaped as well.

View of pond from four seasons room
Great view of the pond from the
four seasons room.
Before - A small pond with poor filtration. Size: 7 x 9 ft. 1200 G.P.H. pump.  

16 x 10 pond

16 x 10 pond 16 x 10 pond
16 x 10 foot pond installed by J. C. Pryor 2 years ago. Nothing wrong with the pond except its too small. Should have made it bigger. Transformed 16 x 10 foot pond, skimmer, 4,500 G.P.H. pump, large bio filter, submersible lights, two waterfalls, continued vinyl fencing and landscaping around pond.

Another view of the 16 x 10 pond

expanded pond

Expanded pond - 23 x 13 foot pond, 5 feet of waterfall, larger skimmer, larger bio filter, 4,500 G.P.H. pump, more submersible lighting installed.

Less grass to mow.

Summer in bloom Pond plants
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